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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Welcome to the FAQ Knowledge Base. The answers to our most frequently asked questions
are listed below. To get started, click a question that is most relevant to your issue.

General Questions
1. What is an image folder?
2. How do I find my image folders?
3. How do I create new image folders?
4. How do I upload images to an image folder?
5. How do I share or post my images online?
6. How do I move, modify, or delete images?
7. How do I modify or delete image folders?
8. What is space usage?
9. What is bandwidth usage?
10. How do I get more space and bandwidth?
11. If I find a bug, what should I do?
Photo Album Questions
1. What is my online Photo Album?
2. How do I view my Photo Album? How can I share it with others?
3. How do I choose which folders are included in my Photo Album?
4. How do I password-protect my Photo Album?
5. How do I choose a custom logo for my Photo Album?
6. How do I choose how many images are shown per page?
7. How do I add text or HTML to my Photo Album pages?
8. How do I turn off my Photo Album?
9. Error: "You cannot access this photo album because it has been disabled."
10. Error: "This photo album contains no image folders."
Billing Questions
1. How do I upgrade my account?
2. How do I close my photo management account?

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