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Jan. 23, 2006 - Installed Stainless Steel Brake Lines this Wweekend!

Had some time and decided to install the stainless steel brake lines I got from MWrench.  This upgrade was recommended by the driving instructor at the BMW Car Club of America Driving School at Lime Rock Park, CT, and given the mushy feel my 8 brakes had I decided this was a good idea.  Anyway, you can read about the installation and see some pictures on RoadFly at the following link: Stainless Steel Brake Line Installation

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Nov. 25, 2005 - Here are some videos I moved over from my web site

This 1st video is me driving the main Main Straight at Lime Rock Park racetrack at a BMWCCA Driving School in September, the 2nd is me going theru the Esses, the 3rd is a video from the Lime Rock web site of someone doing Full Lap around the track (note when they hit 147mph!), and the 4th is a video I found of an M3 doing a full lap around the track. Enjoy!


short_desc      short_desc      short_desc      short_desc    

Straight (me)     Esses (me)          Full lap             M3 Full Lap

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Nov. 25, 2005 - Messin' around with weblog template

I wanted to keep a picture of my car on the top of the my blog so I just edited the template and added it there, actually pretty easy to do, especially since the tools let you try and view the changes before committing them.  Anyway, you should now see the picture there all the time and the first entry was edited to remove the picture.

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Nov. 20, 2005 - My first blog entry!

Ok folks, here it is, my first entry.  At this point I am just trying to get the blog up and running and cut over all my links and pictures from my RoadFly persoanl web site before it goes away.  I'm not too sure just yet what will be the best format so this blog may change quite a few times over the next several weeks. Below is a picture of my 1995 BMW 840Ci that was taken recently at a mini 8-Series get together in NJ; the day was overcast and made for some good picture taking!
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