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• Dec. 3, 2009 - Hibernation Winter 2009-2010

Finally found a great place for storage. Warm, no traffic during winter and it's witihn reasonable distance, 1km from my place.
Some cleaning, removal of batteries and thin coat of Autoglym Gold before placing black cloth over.
Hibernating until 1st April atleast with some might LegendsClass racing car.

Some pics from this autumn:

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• Aug. 20, 2009 - Summer is magic

I've had her inside garage and uninsured as there's been other projects in my life.

One sunny day though we took temporary plates and took her to 2nd annual Oulujärvi Harrasteautonäyttely.



My mighty co-pilot having lunch on the road:


Weather was excellent, over 100 cars did arrive, we were #91, funny thing was it's -91 too


Finally one picture I borrowed from another site:



Drive back home was smooth, overtook one Trabi, just to show how Western technology can be superior to Eastern... ;)


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• Jun. 5, 2008 - Kajaani BMW Dealer Opening 30.5.-1.6.2008

Had my E31 there as a side-kick, next to dealers 2008 M3 (not visible here).



I like this better though

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• May. 12, 2008 - Need for hardcore TLC...



I'd say, this is one of the biggest things I've been waiting with mixed emotions.

Gearbox has been leaking oil since last season and leakage was so massive you could tell where I was coming from just by following the oily streaks back.


Had few plans on how to attack this problem and did (for a change) fairly detailed background research on what could be wrong and what it costs to fix it.


Well, here's some of it:

-Gearbox is toasted => new one from ATB/Germany or BMW dealer, estimate 5kEUR plus labour... <= oil is red and doesn't taste burned, should be ok

-Torque converted is toasted => New one: ~2kEUR + labour, rebuilding old one at JM-Trading 380EUR (not that bad)

-also received a quote on master build kit to 4HP24/EH ~300EUR, sounds decent to me

-Upper oil pan gasket leaks <= not likely, oil is red and tastes exactly like Dextron III...

-Main shaft sealing is leaking => new seal 9EUR + labour estimated 6hours at local BMW dealer => 480EUR

-Something else => anything realistic would be some other o-rings, etc => comparable to main shaft leakage


So I talked to one buddy of mine at local BMW-CC who owns older 6-series E9?) and he offered help. Due to some mixups on his shop I guess, he wasn't able to setup the appointment and I started calling all and every indie shop around the town.

Seriously, depressing ! Out of seven, three said right away they won't touch it with a ten foot pole as it's considered too exotic to their taste. Two said, they could look at it...some time end of July. Rest just never picked up the phone.

Due to some reorganising around BMW-dealerships in Finland, it happened to be so that there's two official BMW-shops n town. Different companies and this will be the case only until end of this August as contracts are about move from one to another company. Anyway, I did what I finally thought will be the best solution (not financially) and asked for a quote from both BMW Certified Shops.

The other one had 20+ years experience on BMW:s, the other had just the permit to start servicing and selling BMW:s. Pricewise they were somewhat same so I gave the job to Hartikainen and their BMW Master Mechanic himself. So here it is what she looked like today at lunch time:


Gearbox was out in two hours, and we decided it's the main shaft seal. Replace it with the new and put it back together.

We'll see if I can get it back today, looks promising atleast

Some more pics around the shop:



Torque converter seems solid and drain coming from main shaft looks obvious.

See also some official 1meter plus extension tool from BMW as well as the not so official hammer, OLD SKOOL and BMW AG certified expertise together !!


If all goes well I'll be heading to annual roadworthy inspection with emissions test and on this Saturday, she'll be serving a Special Duty at Special Occasion...


More about that later



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• Apr. 21, 2008 - Reincarnation of CSi -wannabe

OK, this is the way it goes.


#1 You have one BMW-Motorsport M-Technik rear spoiler that is Brilliantrot (and used to be Dakar Yellow apparently)

#2 You do setup the shop, sand, prime and finally paint it AlpineWhite II

#3 Once kinda done, you take it to bedroom... (kinky, huh?) for motorsport label and some extra seal installation

#4 And back to shop, remove trunk lining ang prepare installation, measure and drill holes

#5 Make sure it fits...

#6 Fix some dinner...

#7 ...and enjoy her CSi -looker.. err... behind

Not much 'till the summer should come to visit us...


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