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VW's Golf Diesel Hybrid Debuts.

Golf TDI Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show

Golf_diesel_hybrid_01 Volkswagen made it official and pulled the sheet off its awesome Golf TDI Hybrid at the Geneva Motor

Volkswagen says the Golf TDI Hybrid is just a concept at this point, but Germany's Auto Bild and Britain's Auto Express say it's headed for production. Automakers often consider public response to a concept when pondering whether to build it, so if you want one, tell VW.

Subtle styling tweaks, including a narrower grille and smaller front air intakes, improve aerodynamics. VW says the Golf TDI Hybrid consumes 3.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which by our math is 71.4 mpg. That's a tad higher than the 69.9 cited in earlier reports, but either figure beats the gas-electric Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid by better than 20 mpg.



Posted: 2:52 PM, Mar. 6, 2008
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